About Us

The National Student Employment Association is an organization of several hundred professionals involved with programs for college students who work. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in administering student employment or hiring students. NSEA supports and promotes student employment through research, publications, professional development opportunities, and the open exchange of information.

Membership in NSEA - a comprehensive student employment association - is ideal for those looking for professional development in the field. NSEA is a prime source for current information on federal student employment regulations and expert advice on the Federal Work-Study Program. Through annual conferences, and workshops, members are offered training opportunities and the chance to tap into a nationwide network of experienced student employment colleagues. Similarly, employers have access to student employment professionals in the U.S. and abroad who can help facilitate their employment needs with well-trained, enthusiastic student employees.

Contact Us

NSEA Home Office Contact Info:

National Student Employment Association
9600 Escarpment Blvd., Suite 745 PMB 11
Austin, TX 78749
Phone: 512-423-1417
Fax: 972-767-5131
Email: nsea@nsea.info

For a listing of NSEA's Board of Directors and their contact information, please see the Board of Directors page.