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Coleman Tharpe
The University of Texas at Austin
Named National Student Employee of the Year 2015

Coleman Tharpe with 2015 NSEA President Desiree Noah on the right

This year's National Student Employee of the Year award winner, Coleman Tharpe, is a dual major in anthropology and radio-television-film. Not only does he hold internship positions but he is the marketing and communication student employee with the Department of Mechanical Engineering's Webber Energy Group at The University of Texas at Austin. Within his student employment position, Coleman has been found leading projects that required "out of the box" thinking and led to increased funding to the university on more than one occasion. He is an advanced problem solver and a natural leader. These are just a few of the reasons why Coleman was chosen by the NSEA Board of Directors as its 2015 National Student Employee of the Year.

The National Student Employee of the Year is selected from the Regional winners. This year 2766 total students were nominated, and last year 2018 total students were nominated-a 37% increase.

Desiree Noah
2015 NSEA President

Previous NSEA Student Employee of the Year (SEOTY) Winners

2015 Coleman Tharpe, The University of Texas at Austin - SASEA
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2011 Travis Huhn, Marquette University - MASEA
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2009 Barron Neil Gilbert, Valdosta State University – SASEA
2008 Jessica Scruggs, Berea College – MASEA
2007 Ivan Markov, University of Missouri-Kansas City – MASEA
2006 Chris Lauer, St. John's University – MASEA
2005 Daniel Hamrin, Marquette Unviersity – MASEA
2004 Ryan Fikes, Texas A & M University – SASEA
2003 Eric Stromstad, University of Minnesota – MASEA
2002 April Lee, University of Findlay – MASEA
2001 Katherine Grams, Louisiana State University – SASEA
2000 Valeri Schaefer, U of Colorado at Colorado Springs – WASEA
1999 Justin Hallquist, U of Minnestoa – MASEA
1998 Jason Miller, Berea College – MASEA
1997 Charlotte Teneback, College of Charleston – SASEA
1996 Jennifer O'Neil, Bowdoin College – NEASEA
1995 Theresa Chi Yan Lui, U Hawaii/Manoa – WASEA

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