The National Student Employment Association (NSEA) is excited to offer the Above & Beyond Certificate Program to all current NSEA members who are interested in furthering their professional education.

This professional development program combines the best of NSEA’s conference and training sessions as well as volunteer opportunities, into one unique program.  It honors the commitment of our members to not only explore areas within student employment but also to expand their personal growth. The Above & Beyond Program not only distinguishes participants as valued members of the organization but displays to colleagues and employers a high level of proficiency in our profession.

Program participants who complete the requirements will receive a framed Above & Beyond Certificate of Completion to verify their completion of the program and recognition at the national conference.

Each current NSEA member is eligible to participate in the Above & Beyond Certificate Program. More information can be found in the Above and Beyond Program flyer. It is a great tool to track your progress.  

Above & Beyond Completion Form

TBA, Chair