NSEA Sponsored Research Grant Program

Application Requirements and Materials:

  1. Cover letter of introduction
  2. Application Form & Terms of Agreement, including a brief abstract in the space provided. The abstract should summarize the topic being addressed, proposed research activities, and intended outcomes.
  3. Statement of Proposal.  The statement should be limited to six pages describing the research project and must include all of the following.
    1. Statement of the topic being investigated.
    2. Review of the relevant literature necessary to understand the proposal.
    3. Methodology to be used, including a description of the variables to be examined and any statistical analysis techniques.
    4. Results expected and their significance to the area of student employment.
    5. Timeline for completion of the project.
    6. Budget. Grants are intended to assist recipients in covering the direct cost of the research project, including running statistical analyses and preparation of the final report. Grants are not to be used for the salary of the researchers or conference travel expenses. (Refer to Budget Guidelines for details.)
    7. Any appendices, exhibits, data, or other information the Research Committee will need to evaluate your proposal.
  4. Statement of Additional Support. If the project will be supported in part by other sources, please explain.
  5. Statement of Capability. Submit a brief biographical statement that describes how your education and experience enable you to carry out the proposed project. Include a list of previous research projects, if any, and professional association memberships.
  6. Reference (student only). Student applications must have an academic sponsor who will be responsible to NSEA for the successful completion of the project. If you are a student researcher, a letter of reference and sponsorship that attests to your ability to conduct the research should be submitted with the application.
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