Conference Schedule & Workshops

The National Student Employment Association (NSEA) Annual Conference co-hosted by the Western Association of Student Employment Administrators (WASEA) provides pertinent training through a variety of relevant workshops geared towards the participant’s professional development.

Attending this conference provides the opportunity for professionals to learn and train with other administrators from a wide range of states and types of institutions.  Student Employment professionals come together to connect and collaborate on best practices, emerging trends and, most importantly, to build long-lasting relationships. There is always a wide a range of training topics, including the latest federal update.

Conference Highlights

     The Future of Student Employment: On-campus student employment is a long-standing practice that is ripe for opportunity. This session will  highlight key findings from NASPA’s student employment research and discuss strategies that institutions are using to enrich the on-campus employment experience. The session will include a specific focus on new initiatives student employment units are taking to collaborate with career development professionals to shape a learner-centric vision for campus employment. Drawing from research findings and campus insights, this session will discuss the future of student employment and the potential for it to serve as a high-impact practice that prepares students for careers, increases persistence rates, and facilitates deeper learning.
  • Engaging Session Presentations
  • ABC’s of JLD, Federal Work-Study & Community Service
  • Marketing and Promotion Ideas
  • International Student Employment
  • Professional Development Tools & Strategies 
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All presentations have been selected for the 2019 Conference at this time.

About Conference Presentation Selections:

Conference presenters are integral to the professional development of student employment professionals at all levels of their career.

The NSEA Conference Committee looked for dynamic presenters for best practices presentations, panel presentations, and deep dive sessions.

Best Practices Presentation: Presenters will showcase their work and/or successes they have had on their campuses or in the student employment profession in a traditional presentation format.

Panel Presentation: A group of panelists with diverse perspectives will create a question and answer dialogue around a topic. The facilitator of the panel is responsible for organizing the panelists and moderating the session.

Deep Dive Session: The facilitator will lead conversations on topics and issues that Student Employment professionals face. Sessions could include topics like I-9 regulations, ACA implementation, minimum wage increases, tracking FWS awards, wage structures, and international students, just to name a few.

Past topics have included:

  • FWS Program Development
  • Professional Development Programs
  • Position Classification Systems
  • Addressing Mental Health in Student Employment
  • Student Supervisor Training Programs
  • JLD Processes
  • Integrating Professional Competencies 
  • And more!

Miss the deadline this year?  Start planning now for the 2020 Conference in Baltimore!

Questions about conference presentations should be send to:

[email protected]