NSEA's Strategic Plan & Project Groups

Vision Statement

The National Student Employment Association (NSEA) is a professional association recognized as the leading authority on student employment in higher education.

Mission Statement

The National Student Employment Association supports and advocates the advancement of student employment professionals through training, professional development, and research opportunities for the purpose of skill-building and career development of student employees.

Core Values


Practice transparency and mindfulness, and openly collaborate with stakeholders in the pursuit of impactful influence.


Empower and support members by paving the way to genuine learning, continuous improvement, and growth through discovery.


Exercise care, leadership, and value in the actions we take to build a strong community that is committed to the development of student employees.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Act with acceptance and respect to others without bias, build a community of belonging, seek out differing views, and ensure our practices are accessible.


Click the individual pillars to learn more about the projects and projects leads that align with each pillar. Please contact the project lead if you would like to get involved!


Build and support a community of belonging to ensure that all NSEA practices, programs, and opportunities exhibit our core values.


Practice transparency and increase engagement with and among the membership.


Develop tools and resources to support opportunities for membership’s professional as well as leadership development within the industry.


While practicing fiscal responsibility, increase outreach to support a diverse membership, develop relationships with other professional organizations, and strengthen NSEA's recognition as leaders in the field of Student Employment.


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Download the Full Strategic Plan Here

Projects and Project Leads 

Community Projects


Redesign and finalize the NSEA Strategic Plan to include the association's Core Values and Pillars.

Status: The board approved and voted on the Strategic Plan on 2/28/2020.

NSEA membership receives a notification on 3/3/2020 in the biweekly newsletter.

Continue to receive feedback throughout 2020 and update projects.

Last Updated 3/3/2020

Design the Strategic Plan to reflect the values of the association, that will guide us to provide excellent resources for our membership and environment of collaboration and inclusion.

Practice transparency and clearly communicate with NSEA members regarding the priorities and progress of the board.

President, Bridget Schwartz

Email: [email protected]

Ensure that NSEA practices are inclusive and reflect our core value of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Status: A member of the DEI Committee will serve on the NSEA Conference Steering Committee.

The DEI Committee will host two free webinars to NSEA members during 2020 and a conference break session.

Last Updated 3/3/2020

The NSEA Diversity, Equity (DEI), and Inclusion Committee will provide guidance on NSEA practices and priorities and support educational opportunities for the NSEA community.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Chair, Eric Wordlow.

Email: [email protected]

Engagement Projects


Identify methods to better communicate with and among the membership.

Status:  Instagram account has been created.  A membership engagement survey is being designed.


Last Updated 3/3/2020

Examine the better use of social media, memberclicks "circles," and surveys to gather membership feedback.

VP for Marketing and Membership, Candace Washington

Director for Membership Engagement, Justin Mumford

Email:  [email protected], [email protected]

Design and coordinate a website audit.

Last Updated 3/3/2020

Create a process to frequently audit the NSEA website to ensure accuracy, transparency, accessibility, and relevance

VP for Marketing and Membership, Candace Washington

Email: [email protected]

Streamline new member orientation.

Last Updated 3/25/2020

Create a new member welcome packet that showcases how to take advantage of NSEA benefits & involvement opportunities; perform outreach to welcome new members when sharing this packet.

Director for Membership Engagement, Justin Mumford

Education Projects


Research and design database options. 

Status: Researching database options.

Last Updated 3/3/2020

Complete the initial database to include active member engagement results that can be used by members to further develop campus programs or as a research tool.

Project Lead for Research, Patrick Brantley

Email: [email protected]

Research, identify, and implement new technology to support professional development opportunities.

Status: System identified for event management and learning management. 




Last Updated 3/3/2020

Identify systems that can be used for events management like conference and in-person training apps to easily communicate and promote events, while allowing the attendees to easily organize their time at the event.

The learning management system should include the ability to house print and recorded resources, research, host/and or be a library for webinars, and be used as a certificate and assessment tool.

VP of Conference Services, Desiree Noah

VP of Professional Development, Claudia Baer

Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Explore and develop an NSEA Professional Certification Program.


Last Updated 3/3/2020

Research and develop the framework for a professional certification program to be available to members that which to continue their professional development after SEE training.

Director for Curriculum and Professional Certification Development, Nicklas Lantz

Email: [email protected]

Growth Projects


Examine opportunities for NSEA leadership to present and represent NSEA at other professional organizations.

 Last Updated 3/3/2020

Compile a list of professional organizations, presentation proposal due dates, and submit proposals to present on the importance of student employment where applicable.

Director of Membership Engagement, Justin Mumford

Email: [email protected]

Increase awareness of NSEA & recruit prospective colleagues.

Last Updated 3/25/2020

Perform outreach activities in conjunction with peer national associations and with Student Employment work at campus’ not represented already within NSEA membership.


Director of Membership Engagement, Justin Mumford

Email: [email protected]



NSEA is committed to upholding all of our core values, and believe that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is at the forefront of our values.

Jerome Thomas, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee Chair
Human Resource Generalist
Human Resources
Fort Valley State University
1005 State University
Fort Valley, GA 31030
Phone: 478-825-6301
Email: [email protected]