NSEA's Strategic Plan & Project Groups

Vision Statement

The National Student Employment Association (NSEA) is a professional association recognized as the leading authority on student employment in higher education.

Mission Statement

The National Student Employment Association supports and advocates the advancement of student employment professionals through training, professional development, and research opportunities for the purpose of skill-building and career development of student employees.

Core Values


Practice transparency and mindfulness, and openly collaborate with stakeholders in the pursuit of impactful influence.


Empower and support members by paving the way to genuine learning, continuous improvement, and growth through discovery.


Exercise care, leadership, and value in the actions we take to build a strong community that is committed to the development of student employees.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Act with acceptance and respect to others without bias, build a community of belonging, seek out differing views, and ensure our practices are accessible.


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Build and support a community of belonging to ensure that all NSEA practices, programs, and opportunities exhibit our core values.


Practice transparency and increase engagement with and among the membership.


Develop tools and resources to support opportunities for membership’s professional as well as leadership development within the industry.


While practicing fiscal responsibility, increase outreach to support a diverse membership, develop relationships with other professional organizations, and strengthen NSEA's recognition as leaders in the field of Student Employment.


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Projects and Project Leads 

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Community Projects


Build a foundation to support a strong and inclusive membership.

1. Create an Inclusive Excellence section of the NSEA newsletter to share resources, gain feedback, and promote growth opportunities.


2. Explore offering NSEA Listens sessions to promote learning and development in diversity, equity, and inclusion.


3. Build a strong and diverse Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council, and submit a Bylaws vote to the membership to NSEA standing committees.


4. The NSEA Board of Directors will commit to ongoing learning, reflection, and understanding by devoting one-third of the monthly board meetings to discussing and finding ways to implement lessons learned from pre-assigned podcasts, webinars, or readings.

Carnesiha Walker, Director of Inclusive Excellence




Carnesiha Walker, Director of Inclusive Excellence, and Kelly Wentz, VP of Administrative Services


Justin Mumford, President Elect

Engagement Projects


Work with the Student Employee of the Year task force to improve the Student Employee of the Year Award Process and ensure that it reflects the NSEA community.

Examine the submission and selection process for the National Student Employee of the Year Award.

Kelly Wentz, VP of Administrative Services

Education Projects


Enhance resources available to members to utilize in their positions.

Develop an online Resource Page that will provide resources and examples of best practices that members can easily access and use.

Provide feedback for members to request additional resources to be added.

Casey Emmett, Director of Learning Resources 

Examine how NSEA and Student Employment Professionals can better support first-generation students. 



Coordinating with an outside consultant, examine how first-generation student employees can be better supported, the unique challenges they face, and how NSEA can support membership in working with these students.

Justin Mumford, President Elect, Carnesiha Walker, Director of Inclusive Excellence, and Mike Burnes, VP of Research and Development

Provide research into the academic and post-graduation success of student employees.

The academic success and post-graduation outcomes research will focus on the effects of socioeconomic, ethnicity, race, and gender for the student employees.

Mike Burnes, VP of Research and Development


Work with the 2021 Conference hotel site to determine if the in person conference is held or will need to move forward.

The safety of our members is of most importance to NSEA. Working with the hotel it will be determined if the additional measures can be put in place to adhere to CDC guidelines while providing an educational and impactful conference or if NSEA will provide a virtual conference.

Desiree Noah, VP of Conference Services

Growth Projects


Examine opportunities to coordinate with the regional associations to better support all members.

During the 2020 Membership Survey participants indicated that improved resources and educational opportunities, the ability to connect with other professionals, and the need for more collaboration was desired. As a result, NSEA will work with the regional associations to examine, identify, and structure increased collaboration and membership options.

Bridget Schwartz, President, Justin Mumford, President Elect



NSEA is committed to upholding all of our core values, and believe that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is at the forefront of our values.

TBD, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee Chair
If you are interested in this position, please contact Carnesiha Walker at [email protected].