The volunteers of NSEA are what keeps the association vital and thriving!

We look to members to support the vision and mission by offering you the opportunity to share your talents, grow in your profession and/or serve in leadership roles.  

If you are interested in contributing to NSEA, no matter if you’re a new or seasoned member in the association, your service to the association is highly valued. Check the areas reporting to the specified board members below. Think about where your interests and talents may lead you. Fill out the Volunteer Interest form now to get started!

 VP for Administrative Services

◻         Policy and Procedures Bylaws

Ensure consistency between the Bylaws, Policies and Procedures Manual, and distribute to the membership information regarding proposed changes

◻         Federal Updates

Keep membership apprised of federal legislation and policy affecting student employment programs through communications, e-list, conference presentations, etc.

◻         Elections

A representative of each region will work with President Elect and VP of Admin to issue a call for nominations to fill the Board of Directors elected positions.

◻         Nat’l SEOTY (Student Employ of the Year)

Work with the four regions as they run the SEOTY campaign, communication and process

◻         Volunteerism

Recruit volunteers to assist with the association’s activities and notify appropriate committee chairperson of member’s interest 

 VP for Marketing & Membership

◻         Public Relations

Collaborate with to promote the image, branding, and marketing of the organization through: newsletters, social media and website

◻         Publications

Compose, edit, format, print and distribute NSEA publications including the electronic newsletter, and marketing and membership publications

◻         Member Development

Coordinate outreach efforts for recruiting and building membership

◻         Advancement (in hiatus)

Committee will support the purposes of NSEA through securing means of development and sponsorship from vendors/companys

◻         Hospitality/Mentoring

Match seasoned administrators with members seeking a connection from a seasoned member

VP for Professional Development

◻         Training & Development

Coordinator for SEE Training (Student Employment Essentials)

Coordinator for Train the Trainer Program (National Trainers)

Coordinator for SET Training

◻         Webinars

◻         The Workbook Committee

◻         Research/Journal

Administer the NSEA Sponsored Research Grant Program. Oversee the Journal of Student Employment

 VP for Conference Services

◻         Conference Committee

Assist, in conjunction with the Conference Steering Committee, in the planning, publicizing and execution of the annual conference. 

◻         The Diversity Committee

Promote cultural diversity at the annual conference each year via breakout session and/or guest speaker.

◻         Awards & Recognition

Solicit nominations for all NSEA awards via various means of communication with the membership and coordinate the presentation(s) at the annual conference

◻         Above & Beyond

Support the professional development program as it combines the best conference sessions, professional development and volunteer opportunities into one unique program that recognizes the commitment of members to strengthen their professional growth. 


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