Webinar FAQs

I never received my login information. What do I do?

For those who register in advance, the login information will be sent out one week prior to the webinar’s scheduled date. For those who sign up within the week of the webinar, login information is generally sent out two days before. The login information is sent from NSEA rather than a personal email address. Please make sure to check your junk and spam folder as NSEA emails may end up there. If you still have not received an email with login information by the times outlined, please email the webinar chair immediately.

If you sign up within 24 hours of the webinar taking place, please email the webinar chair to receive login information. Please note that login inquiries within three hours of the webinar start time are not guaranteed a response prior to the webinar’s start.

Are the webinars recorded?

No, the webinars are not recorded.

Will I receive the information presented in the webinar later on?

All presenters receive a list of emails for those who registered for the webinar. It is left at their jurisdiction if they would like to share their materials and presentation after the webinar has taken place. If the materials are being shared, they will be sent by the presenter directly.

What if I want to present a webinar?

We would love to hear your ideas! Please find the webinar presentation proposal request form at the bottom of the page. All presentations are reviewed prior to approval as outlined in the submission form.

Please note that we plan our webinar topics far in advance, so plan early if you’d like to present.

What if I still have questions?

If you still have questions, we are happy to help! Please email the webinar chair for further questions you may have.