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The National Student Employment Association is an organization of several hundred professionals involved with programs for college students who work. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in administering student employment or hiring students. NSEA supports and promotes student employment through research, publications, professional development opportunities, and the open exchange of information.

Membership in NSEA - a comprehensive student employment association - is ideal for those looking for professional development in the field. NSEA is a prime source for current information on federal student employment regulations and expert advice on the Federal Work-Study Program. Through annual conferences, and workshops, members are offered training opportunities and the chance to tap into a nationwide network of experienced student employment colleagues. Similarly, employers have access to student employment professionals in the U.S. and abroad who can help facilitate their employment needs with well-trained, enthusiastic student employees.

NSEA Almanac

This “Almanac” is a record of the people and events that comprise the history of an organization, the National Student Employment Association (NSEA). It is recorded in this form to suggest that the history of NSEA is more than a dry list of officers and meetings, but a genuine, vital, and exciting experience shared by many people. As with any historical record, this Almanac is based largely on written documents, reflecting many meetings, conferences, personalities, and actions. It can include only by implication and imagination the myriad of personal conversations, the planning, and sharing among NSEA members over many years. The written record is but the skeleton around and through which the living organization has found expression. The articles enclosed are written by NSEA members, gathered from regional documents and anecdotal recall. 

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NSEA Board of Directors Statement Regarding Social Injustice

The NSEA Board of Directors remain committed to inclusive excellence across the association especially in support of creating a community of belonging in which all NSEA practices, programs, and opportunities exhibit our core values. Through Student Employment we firmly believe we have the ability to create a profound impact on both our colleagues across the NSEA community and students across each of our campuses.

We must stand united to recognize that the continued injustices, which especially impact our colleagues and students of color as well as other marginalized identities, serve as a significant threat to the overall success of our collective work. We offer our support to our colleagues impacted by these heinous acts and strongly encourage student employment be used as a vehicle on each of our campuses to demonstrate acceptance and respect.

March 2021

June 2020


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NSEA Home Office Contact Info:

National Student Employment Association
2 Great Falls Plaza  P.O. Box 767
Auburn, ME 04212
Phone: 512-423-1417
Email: nsea@nsea.info

NSEA Board of Directors:

For a listing of NSEA's Board of Directors and their contact information, please see the Board of Directors page.


NSEA Organization Chart:

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Our website & newsletters are maintained by:

Bridget Schwartz, Project Lead for Website Development

Director of Student Employment

George Washington University
Center for Career Services
Email: bridget.a.schwartz@gmail.com

Madison Brown, Director of Communications

Recruiting Coordinator
University of Houston 


Vision Statement

The National Student Employment Association (NSEA) is a professional association recognized as the leading authority on student employment in higher education.

Mission Statement

The National Student Employment Association supports and advocates the advancement of student employment professionals through training, professional development, and research opportunities for the purpose of skill-building and career development of student employees.


Core Values


Practice transparency and mindfulness, and openly collaborate with stakeholders in the pursuit of impactful influence.


Empower and support members by paving the way to genuine learning, continuous improvement, and growth through discovery.


Exercise care, leadership, and value in the actions we take to build a strong community that is committed to the development of student employees.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Act with acceptance and respect to others without bias, build a community of belonging, seek out differing views, and ensure our practices are accessible.



Click the individual pillars to learn more about the projects and projects leads that align with each pillar. Please contact the project lead if you would like to get involved!


Build and support a community of belonging to ensure that all NSEA practices, programs, and opportunities exhibit our core values.


Practice transparency and increase engagement with and among the membership.


Develop tools and resources to support opportunities for membership’s professional as well as leadership development within the industry.


While practicing fiscal responsibility, increase outreach to support a diverse membership, develop relationships with other professional organizations, and strengthen NSEA's recognition as leaders in the field of Student Employment.