NSEA develops and supports members working in the student employment profession. Through annual conferences and workshops, members are offered training opportunities and the chance to tap into a nationwide network of experienced student employment colleagues. This network and interaction helps campuses discover new ideas, best practices, and resources used in student employment.  

Members are those working in human resources, career services, work study programs, internship planning, and more.

  • Be a part of the largest student employment organization in the US.
  • Apply for a variety of scholarships.
  • Meet new colleagues from across the country.
  • Learn skills that will help you in your career and enhance experiences for your campus students.
  • Do your part in helping to provide support and knowledge to colleagues and fellow members.

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Individual Membership

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Individual membership.....

USD 150 / 12 months
Transfer Membership

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Institutional Membership (1-4 individuals)

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Institutional Membership (5-8 individuals)

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Corporate Members and Sponsors

This membership is for corporate members and NSEA Sponsors who want to have more than one member of their organization on the membership.

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