Student Employee of the Year Frequently Asked Questions

Do we still submit nominations to our regions?

Each region may still run its own Student Employee of the Year process.  Please check with your regional board for their process.  Regional submissions will not automatically be sent to NSEA.

Do I have to be a member of NSEA?

Yes, current membership is required to submit nominations for National Student Employee of the Year.

How do I submit my nomination?

A link will be provided to submit your nomination electronically.  The link will be sent out to all NSEA members and be located on the website.

What forms are used for submission?

The actual nomination will be a letter (no more than two pages in length) that will be uploaded in electronic form (PDF or Word Doc).  The form itself will ask for the member's name, institution, email, and the student's name and email.  Photos of students will also be requested but not mandatory

How do I train my supervisors in the new process?

This could depend on the size of your institution.  Some of our larger institutions are going to have five winners (one from each of the categories) and then will use the NSEA overall SEOTY rubric to choose which nomination to submit for national consideration.

Smaller institutions are giving supervisors the option to choose which category they wish to focus on and then using the NSEA overall SEOTY rubric to have only one winner at their institution.

Can we nominate a student from our institution for each category?

For undergraduate Student Employee of the Year, institutions may nominate a different student for each category.  You may not nominate the same student for more than one category.  Only one submission from each institution will be accepted for Graduate Student Employee of the Year.

Why did the process change?

In May 2022, NSEA members were surveyed to give feedback on the process and if they wanted to see changes.  A majority of members responded that they would like to see categories instead of just one SEOTY based on NACE competencies.  This resulted in the creation of a Program Design Team to review survey results and create a new SEOTY process.  Our goal was to ensure equity across institutions and honor as many students as we can from different types of institutions. 

 Can I provide feedback on the process?

Absolutely!  We are committed to listening to our members' suggestions and needs.  Feedback can be provided to VP of Administrative Services and SEOTY Program Design Team Lead, Mary Young, at  Also, watch for member surveys from NSEA.